Decision-making for peace and harmony in family businesses

In our December column, Sue and Dave discuss the challenges of finding an effective decision-making structure that works for your family business. It’s the season of peace on earth and goodwill to all men.  The only problem is, not everyone seems to get the memo.  The...

The active-learning conference – a space for asking questions

At our conference events, we have always strived to offer something different and something valuable to everyone that attends. Over the years, we have refined the style of our conferences to encourage active learning – an instructional method of delivering information...

What can I expect at a Family Business Conference?

Sue Howorth and Dave Clarkson of The Family Business Network on the things that matter most to family businesses. October 2019 They do say that a conference is a formal meeting of people with a shared interest and a purpose to share innovative ideas, throw ideas...

Is there something to be said for not keeping it in the family?

After hosting a panel discussion with some high profile family and non-family business leaders at our East Midlands Family Business Conference in July, James Pinchbeck, Marketing Partner at Streets Chartered Accountants talks about the pro's and con's of making...

What next after you’ve sold your business?

Over the past 4 weeks we have published two blogs from one of our network partners, Seven Investment Management, on the importance of family business owners having a sound exit strategy. The third article in their 'business exit' series talks about the things you need...

Tomorrows customer: looking to the future with our next gen associate

Managing Director of Elton Business Support, Samantha Gargett, describes in her latest blog the importance of planning for the future of your business, particularly in terms of how you target and treat your next generation of customers... "Anyone who runs a successful...

Running a family business – avoiding common issues

Whilst there are plenty of benefits to working with your relatives, it also brings a unique set of challenges. Peter Armer of The Family Business Network partner, RfM Accountants offers some key advice to overcoming common problems when running a family business: Talk...

When is the right time to sell your business?

Two weeks ago we published a blog from one of our network partners, Seven Investment Management, on the importance of family business owners having a sound exit strategy. Today, their second article in the 'business exit' series talks about how business owners can...


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