FamBiz Stories

FamBiz Stories are a series of short films that use the art of storytelling to share real-life accounts of fascinating and diverse family businesses

Sharing the unique stories of family businesses has always been at the heart of what we do. It allows our community of family businesses to relate to one another and engage in peer to peer learning.

Our ‘FamBiz Stories’ short films will each feature three family businesses telling their unique stories and highlighting some key business topic areas for them.  There is no written script for our FamBiz Stories, which allows us to document real, honest accounts which are told from the heart, to capture the true essence of the sector that is family business.

A variety of family business-related topics emerge from the films, covering everything from succession planning and business culture to crisis management and lessons learnt.

FamBiz Stories – Film 1

In this first film, Part 1 you will hear from three family businesses in the UK; J-Flex, JJ Smith and Whitakers Chocolates. To watch this film click the ‘Access Now’ link, where you can purchase access to this film alone, or purchase a 12-month FamBiz Subscription, which includes access to all our FamBiz Stories films as well as a range of other content benefits. Produced by Sheenah Alcock for FamBiz Media (part of The Family Business Network) Approximate length of film: 25 minutes



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