Celebrating Forty Years of Sharpham Wine and Cheese

Multi award-winning Sharpham Wine and Cheese recently celebrated a phenomenal forty years at the South Devon based Sharpham Estate. They raised a toast to their four decades with a week of celebrations, including a virtual cheese and wine tasting and a party at the Sharpham Estate for their customers and supporters.

Forty years ago, Maurice Ash brought his herd of Jersey cows down from Essex to the Sharpham Estate in Devon and set to work crafting his first creamy, bloomy-rinded brie. He then planted the first vineyard overlooking the River Dart in a bid to produce wine. With humble beginnings, Ash unknowingly established Sharpham’s globally acclaimed cheese and wine businesses.

The next incarnation came when family member Mark Sharman and partner Debbie Mumford took over the dairy and vineyard. They launched new cheeses with exceptional goats’ and sheep’s milk, which are still winning global awards today.
Over the years, while the products continue to be made with the same care and attention as always, the cheese and wine brands have now evolved and grown into two separate entities. Greg and Nicky Parsons head up Sharpham Dairy, located at the Sharpham Estate. However, Sharpham Wine has recently relocated to a new location on the east bank at the Sandridge Barton Estate in Stoke Gabriel and is now run by Duncan Schwab.
Sharpham Dairy’s Greg Parsons says: “Over the past forty years, we have prospered despite recessions, frosts and a global pandemic. We are thankful and privileged to have such outstanding teams, loyal customers and all those who have supported us over the years to get us to where we are now. We’re now celebrating this milestone together and raising a glass to the next forty years.”
Head Winemaker, Duncan Schwab says: “Forty years is quite an achievement and definitely something to celebrate! Although we have moved across to Sandridge Barton, Sharpham Wine is still made with the same grapes from the same vineyards with the same team, to make the same wines our customers know and love. Our new state-of-the-art winery equipment will double our production from 60,000 bottles produced in Totnes to over 120,000 bottles per year. The wine business has an exciting future ahead at Sandridge Barton.”
While many changes have taken place over the four decades, both businesses’ roots continue to run deep through the geographically unique River Dart. The river brings with it sea breezes, ecological diversity and lends an exciting terroir that breathes life into the cheese and wine’s character.

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