Family Business Zonitise Launch UK’s First Antimicrobial Laundry Product

London-based family business Zonitise Ltd has created the UK’s first ever laundry product that eliminates germs and odour-causing bacteria on clothes between washes.

The unique product provides up to a month’s protection against bacteria and germs on laundry, and uses the same antimicrobial technology proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 when sprayed on surfaces. The product can be used at temperatures of as low as 30 degrees product and reduces the spread of disease in fabrics while also eliminating odour-causing bacteria, keeping clothes and other laundry fresher, and safer, for longer. It joins an antimicrobial cleaning spray and hand sanitiser as the third consumer product launched by the biotech cleaning company this year alongside its professional antimicrobial coating treatments.  

A first-of-its-kind laundry product that provides immediate and ongoing protection against many harmful germs and odour causing bacteria between wash cycles has been released in the UK.

The product, from biotech cleaning company Zonitise, uses the same antimicrobial technology proven to eliminate SARS-Cov-2 after 6 weeks on surfaces, as tested by two of the world’s leading laboratories. Significant trials have proven that the antimicrobial protection of just 50ml of the product per full load of washing can protect for up to 1 month, keeping clothes and bedding smelling fresher for longer, but also massively reducing the risk of bringing home germs on clothing as the country opens up and people start mixing again.

The product is available for members of the public and businesses here:

Zonitise is a biotech and microbial control company, specializing in antimicrobial protection against bacteria, viruses, mould, mildew, and odours. Zonitise’s mission is to reduce cross contamination risk on surfaces, touch points and fabrics to keep people healthy.

Their antimicrobial coatings are used across the UK and have been professionally applied in many locations since the pandemic started last year. Zonitise protected surfaces can be found in many places including London City Airport, Gatwick Airport, schools, hotels, NHS health centres and even public transport. The coating has a proven efficacy to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus that comes into contact with any treated surface or touchpoint.

Edward Tennent, antimicrobial consultant and director at Zonitise, said: “With the UK beginning its return to normality it has been great to launch the UK’s first Antimicrobial Laundry Additive.

“Our main focus with this unique product is infection prevention, especially in the healthcare sector. However we took the decision to make the product available to anyone as an additional layer of protection on our clothing against the virus and many other harmful germs we may come in contact with.

“We have all been sanitising our hands and protecting surfaces to help reduce the spread, and now we can add a protective barrier to our clothes to ensure a safe return to the high streets, pubs, restaurants, gyms and other places that have been dearly missed over the last year.

“Traditional laundry detergents clean clothes, but they are not as effective against germs and other bacteria, which can remain and multiply on clothes and laundry between washes.

“The antimicrobial fabric technology in Zonitise Antimicrobial Laundry Additive binds to the clothes and remains active between washes.  The technology essentially pops the outer cell membranes of micro-organisms that come in touch with it like a water balloon, effectively destroying unwanted microbes so they can’t cause odours and fabric damage, but also helping reduce the risk of bringing home any harmful germs your clothes come in contact with.”