Cumbrian Family Business John Watt & Son Now Deliver Coffee and Tea!

Carlisle-based family business John Watt and Son are now offering hand-delivery to customers throughout North Cumbria and South West Scotland to help speed up their service.

Previously, the company which is owned by Peter and Carol Johnston, had used the Royal Mail to deliver online and telephone orders but they found that customers had to wait longer than expected. Known as the home of freshly roasted coffee and blending tea in Carlisle, and having over 155 years’ experience, they wanted to make sure customers get their orders as quickly as possible.

Peter explained: “Too often we had parcels taking far longer than the anticipated 2-3 days as detailed by Royal Mail in their 2nd class parcel rates. This was leading to dissatisfied customers unable to enjoy their freshly roasted coffee, and we were having to send out additional parcels and inconveniencing our customers.

“We already had the John Watt delivery van which we used to deliver wholesale orders to North, West and East Cumbria, along with South West Scotland. It made perfect sense to use this to hand-deliver customers parcels throughout this area as well – especially during lockdown 2.0.

“Hand-delivering ourselves ensures our customers receive their orders within 2 days of placing them.”

In addition to the teas and coffees already on the website, a Christmas Shop is now up and running to enable customers to buy items they would normally purchase in Bank Street. This includes regulars such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate hampers, Turkish Delight, confectionary and once again the ever-popular Steven Brown designed tins of biscuits.

And John Watt & Son also offer their customers a subscription service so they never have to run out of coffees or teas again.

Carol said: “With our cafés now closed due to Lockdown 2.0, there is no better time to subscribe to John Watt’s coffee subscription service so that you can get your freshly roasted goods delivered directly to your door. You choose which coffee, which grind, how many bags and the frequency of delivery and we’ll take care of the rest. Never again will you need to worry about your coffee supply running low!

“And, until the 31st of December 2020, when you sign up for our coffee subscription service you will receive a free cafetière to add to your coffee experience that noticeable touch of flair.

“By joining  the John Watt Coffee Club you’ll enjoy 250 grams of single-origin 100% Arabica coffee from around the globe delivered straight to your door each month. In addition, you will get an extra 250g bag of coffee as a Christmas gift from us in your December pack!

“And when you subscribe to our newsletter and use code NEW at checkout to get 25% off your first order.”

While John Watt & Sons cafes in Bank Street and Tullie House in Carlisle and the Rum Story in Whitehaven are closed their Blackfriars Street shop in Carlisle is open during Lockdown 2.0, providing a click and collect service, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. Customers who wish to place their orders over the phone or have any queries can contact them on 01228 521545.