Top tips for successful long-term home working

Working from home for extended periods is a reality facing many of us as the Covid-19 restrictions continue to fluctuate. This has inevitably meant that we have had to give some thought and consideration to our ‘home office’ spaces.

This is an area of expertise for one of our wonderful North West Family Business Awards winners 2020. Family run business, Bluebell Fitted Furniture based in Sale have published their advice for those looking to optimise their home working space, routine and practice in the article below:

“Maintaining productivity when working in a domestic environment is easier said than done.  We can all agree that a time busting five-minute commute from bed to office has transformed working lives and given our work-life balance a much needed boost, however the makeshift home offices that were a necessity in the beginning of lockdown are no longer a long-term option for many reasons.

We know that working from home can have negative effects on mental health due to isolation and a lack of interaction and poorly-designed workspaces can also contribute to ill health, and result in lower productivity.  So, what can be done?

Here’s Bluebell Fitted Furniture’s top tips for successful long-term home working.

Master the Morning Routine

Rather than staying in bed until the last minute, keep a regular sleep schedule and get up at the same time each day, dress for the working day (OK, not a suit, but definitely not pyjamas!) and have a healthy breakfast.  All of which will improve your mood and set you up for the day ahead.

Stay in Touch  

It’s easy to become disconnected when working from home. Make time to reach out to colleagues and friends, you could find out what they are working on and maybe offer help.  Why not schedule a virtual coffee to start each day?  Or an end of day wind-down to chat about the day’s events?

Get Organised

Have a clear list of goals for the day and use technology to get super organised.

Keeping a tidy workplace will pay dividends and keep work items away from tiny hands or furry paws!

Have a Dedicated Working Space

A well-designed workspace can make a massive difference to the working day.  Ensuring that your desk is at the correct height, that your monitors are positioned properly and that your chair encourages good posture are especially important.

Additionally, good lighting and adequate power provision should be part of the overall design.

Don’t forget, even very small areas of the home can be turned into an ‘office’ – think under the stairs, on a landing or in a box room. With clever design – the final effect can be transformational.

And finally, you will need plenty of storage. Bear in mind room for files, a shredder, pull out printer shelves, places for books and maybe consider built-in speakers to save on space.

Sale based, and multi award-winning Bluebell Fitted Furniture understand the importance of good design in the home environment.  For nearly 30 years, spearheaded by husband and wife duo Mike & Alison Reuben, Bluebell has been creating high quality bespoke fitted furniture solutions.  Based at their stunning showroom on Washway Road (and with a factory in Altrincham), their experienced and talented team, take immense pride and satisfaction in providing beautifully crafted furniture with exceptional standards of service.

In response to the new demand for cost effective and modern home working environments, Bluebell are also now able to offer a new selection of contemporary, fixed price, ‘off the peg’ home office options. Without compromise on quality or design, these fantastic concepts are priced to suit all budgets.

If you are looking to upgrade your home office or provide remote home working solutions for your employees, their expert team would be delighted to hear from you and guide you through the options available.

And our final tip….

Don’t forget to take regular breaks during the day.  Leave your desk for lunch, take the dog for a walk or meditate for 10 minutes. Any activity which will help you switch off for a short while will give you extra energy for later in the day.

You can find out more about Bluebell Fitted Furniture and their home office solutions by visiting their website or you can visit their stunning showroom on Washway Road in Sale. Alternatively, you can call them on 0161 976 6606.