The positive impact of joining a Peer Learning Group

Be the Business is a government backed initiative designed to propagate and amplify business success. Their ‘North West Family Business Programme’  offers new ways for family firms around the region to collaborate, learn, share, build on their strengths and perform at their peak.

Be the Business appointed The Family Business Network as a delivery partner of the programme to help them to galvanise North West family businesses to become some of Britain’s best-run firms. To do that, the programme is piloting a range of powerful initiatives designed to get family firms talking, sharing, learning and thriving.

The initiatives include Peer Learning groups, business placements, open business days, advisory boards and much more.

Be the Business Peer Learning groups provide an opportunity for decision-makers from family businesses to get together online with like-minded family firm leaders and work through the issues your businesses are facing right now.
Using an approach known as “action learning” is a great way to address the difficulties that you and your business are encountering, and get valuable input from people who really understand the unique responsibilities of running a family firm. It will open up new ideas, and provide you with support as you lead your business through these challenging times.

Once every six weeks, a small group of like-minded business leaders will come together online to work through real life business issues and complications. In a safe and supportive space, participants will explore ways to improve their business and refine their leadership skills.

What’s involved?
Regular 6 weekly sessions in a small group are overseen by a trained facilitator. Discussions are confidential, so be prepared to get candid in sharing your concerns and challenges, as well as offering open and honest feedback to others.  Your group will stay together for at least three months, so you’ll get to know each other well. There’s no financial cost to participation.

What you’ll gain?

• Support from a group of trusted peers to work through real business issues
• The confidence to act and make decisive changes in your business
• The leadership skills needed to support your employees through this difficult time
• Access to a sounding board which can challenge your thinking and strategies
• An enhanced network, and access to a range of tools, content and support

Find more info on our flyer: btb_peer_learning

How to sign up

Simply email us at to register your interest and we will get in touch with you.