Cumbria Network Partner introduce new HR Services

Partner of the Network in Cumbria, RfM Accounting have recently launched a new arm of their business, RfM HR Services.

Ask any business owner what aspect of running their business causes them the most headaches and you will receive a common answer: their staff. From finding the right people to keeping records, drafting handbooks and dealing with issues in conduct, having employees requires specialist knowledge, skills and time that you may not have.

Here’s what RfM said as their announced their new service, “As part of our commitment to provide comprehensive support to our business clients, we have introduced a range of HR services delivered via our colleagues at RfM Business Consulting.”

“We are delighted to welcome experienced HR professional, Diane Johnson to the RfM Business Consulting team. Diane has 30+ years experience working in human resources roles across a range of commercial sectors and has been delivering services directly to clients via her own consultancy since 2012. Diane also provides coaching services to business owners and leaders. Her energy, curiosity and commitment to bringing out the best in people is contagious and she approaches even the most challenging HR matters with a reassuring, unflappable calm.”

RfM HR services will offer a range of retained HR service packages suitable for most companies, from SMEs to larger organisations. Diane has drawn upon her experience to ensure clients receive an optimum level of service depending on the size, life-stage and growth ambitions of the business. Clients can also tap into specialist expertise to deal with a particular HR issue on an as-needed basis.

“I’m excited to be able to reveal our new service to RfM clients,” said Diane. “We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure our suite of retained and consultancy services will effectively meet the HR needs of most businesses. Our focus will be on delivering a premium level of service and advice that is driven by the business’ needs, at a price that is competitive. This is particularly important for smaller companies who can be put off by the high rates, long contract terms and legally-focused HR advice offered by some providers.

“The RfM ethos is all about adding value and going the extra mile: we have a network of trusted HR professionals that we can call on when needed which allows us to offer a flexible and agile service. We are also happy to work alongside an incumbent supplier to provide oversight or additional skills your current provider may not be able to deliver as quickly or effectively.”

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