Be the Business Launches Open (to new ideas) Business Day in Cumbria

On Thursday 28 November, two of Cumbria’s leading businesses will open their doors to other local firms to share how they have improved their productivity. It marks the first of a series of ‘Open Business Days’ organised by Be the Business, the business-led not-for-profit created to close the productivity gap, and regional partners.

Productivity is a key indicator of the health of the economy. Since the financial crisis, the UK’s productivity performance has flatlined and, in the past year, it has gone backwards. The recent ONS productivity figures confirm a fourth consecutive quarter of stagnant productivity which places the UK on the verge of a productivity recession.

Be the Business approached us here at The Family Business Network to run the event for them, providing opportunities for family businesses to learn from one another and share their insights. Kendal Nutricare, who specialise in manufacturing world-class nutritional food products, and Low Sizergh Barn, a diversified farming business, will be opening their doors to local SMEs.

As part of the day, attendees will be taken on tours of the host businesses’ facilities which will be followed by presentations and networking opportunities. They will receive advice on everything from operational efficiency to engaging their teams in dynamic ways. The day aims to foster inter-business conversation, encouraging leaders to discuss and evaluate their operations.

Alison Park, Managing Director at Low Sizergh Barn, said: “As a third-generation family business, we’re delighted to be able to share our journey on how we’ve diversified our business since the 1980s. Low Sizergh Barn saw the opportunity to engage with customers directly about food, farming, and the countryside – as it is crucial to continue to change and develop as opportunities arise.”

Ross McMahon, CEO at Kendal Nutricare, said: “I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with local businesses. Kendal Nutricare exports to over 25 countries around the world, which requires a continuous focus on the details, from customer demands to foreign government regulations and managing demand within the factory. Exporting is a rewarding experience, and often necessary if a business wishes to scale. We are looking forward to sharing insight and our story so far.

Founder and Co-Director of The Family Business Network Ltd, Sue Howorth, added: “The Open Business Day on 28th November gives family businesses a unique opportunity to meet with other family firms and get a real-life behind the scenes look and insight at two family businesses operating in South Cumbria. We thank Ross McMahon of Kendal Nutricare and Alison Park of Low Sizergh Barn, for being willing to share their stories, talk about their business journeys and how they have overcome challenges in their path to growth.”

Business Leaders can register here to secure their place at this exclusive Be the Business event. Tickets are from £10 per person and spaces are limited.