The Family Business Network team up with media movers for PR opportunities

The Family Business Network Ltd have set up a collaboration with a service allowing access for family businesses to some of the most influential names in the media.

PressPlugs is a service designed to give instant journalist requests to businesses, thereby giving them opportunities to appear on the likes of the BBC and the national newspapers, as well as relevant trade magazines.

“We are delighted to work with PressPlugs, a family business set up by Worcestershire based husband and wife team Tracy and Mike Nolan, who come from a public relations background,” said Sue Howorth, founder of the Family Business Network. “It is designed to give businesses the opportunity to raise their profile by getting themselves noticed by the media in a very affordable way. The PressPlugs service nicely compliments what the network does in helping and supporting family businesses through signposting, advisory services and events”

Tracy, who along with her husband, Mike set up the company just over a year ago said: “PR is very powerful as we all know, reading articles about businesses in magazines and newspapers is far more powerful than advertising, but it can be expensive.”

“PressPlugs is very much an affordable DIY solution for PR, where you can respond to the journalists yourselves answering relevant, up-to-date requests. We now have many unique enquiries, some from very influential media figures, who can help those who understand the benefits of publicity to get in front of key journalists and start building relationships. We also offer an initial free trial so potential clients can get see if it works for them.”

She added that the service was very much driven by the brand being very family orientated, so the link-up with The Family Business Network aligns perfectly.

“We are far from corporate big wigs,” she said. “We are a normal couple who try to balance life very much around our family, two secondary school age children, and many of our subscribers buy into this philosophy and also into what we are trying to do.

“There are so many good businesses, with great stories who have until now found it very hard to get the attention they deserve. We hope they can now start getting the oxygen of publicity, which will allow them to become experts in their field and add PR to their marketing strategy.”

We thank The Family Business Network for embracing what we are trying to do.”