Fully funded 2 day Export Masterclass opens to Cumbrian family businesses

Is your business new to exporting or are you looking for new international markets?

The ERDF have just announced a fully funded practical two day residential session which has been created exclusively for Cumbrian companies who want to grow their business internationally! The course is being held in Ambleside at the Waterhead Hotel on the 19/20th March.

Selling your goods and services in international markets requires different approaches to sales, marketing, international communications and abiding to key principles and processes. According to HMRC, the total value of UK exports of goods was £328.4bn in 2017, with the North West accounting for £28.7bn (a 3.3% increase from previous year).

This informative two day residential session has specially been developed to support Cumbrian companies wanting to export for the first time or look at new international markets.

Topics will cover:

  • Setting your targets including export planning; market reserach; market selection;
  • Preparing to export including intellectual property protection, international contracts and legal issues, financing exports;
  • Winning export business including routes to market, getting the ‘pitch’ right, International marketing and communications;
  • Delivering to your bottom line, including logistical issues, setting export prices, getting paid.

Places are strictly limited and are open to Cumbrian SME’s who have NOT received ERDF funding or consultancy.  First serve basis for 1 person per business, includes an overnight stay at the Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside.

To find out more or to enquire about reserving a space, contact Tiffany Solender at tiffany.solender@tradenw.org