The Value of Peer to Peer Learning

Peer to peer learning essentially refers to a method of learning without any implied authority to any individual. For us, here at The Family Business Network its right at the heart of what we do and why the network exists. The network enables the family businesses to share their knowledge and experience with one another. No one is there to judge, no one is there to take the high moral ground, lecture or deliberately twist an opinion.

Every business we work with or have a connection too is an equal; they have their own back story with hopes, dramas and successes along the way. The stories are a rich source of learning and in many cases a positive vindication to families that they are on the right track, or perhaps a few steps or generation behind.

To many involved in the peer to peer sessions it’s driven by those taking part and not any one particular leader. This approach to learning means more people are likely to pick up on messages and identify with the experiences and insight shared out. This creates a more credible view point and one a family may listen to more readily than some of the advice handed out by professionals on the business circuits.

A further advantage and value peer to peer sessions is the use of language; plain and simple, from the heart and driven home with a passion that many don’t need to translate when introducing into their own working environments, processes and team practices.

The peer to peer approach also brings with it a speed of learning, for example; on local knowledge, communities, go-to individuals and market insights that may lead to new opportunities.

In summary and through our experience to date the value of peer to peer learning has become the richest source of education for all the families we engage with and we hope more will share; tell their stories and listen to other peers throughout our many Family Business Network events.

Sue Howorth & Dave Clarkson