Bells of Lazonby Breaducation Event in partnership with Booths Penrith

Bells of Lazonby are joining forces with Booths Penrith supermarket to host an evening of “Breaducation”, where the Bells team will be sharing their secrets on how they make their world award-winning artisan Sourdough bread range.

The night will feature Bells of Lazonby’s in house development chef, Ross Lowrey-Haywood, demonstrating live a starter, main and dessert using their sourdough bread range at different stages of its life.

The Bells Master Craft Bakers will be demonstrating the 3 day Sourdough bread making process from preparation of the dough, to the shaping and stencilling of their unique designs on the loaves.

There will be plenty of opportunities for guests to discover food and wine pairings with a specially selected range of accompaniments from the Booths Deli counters to sample with the sourdough breads.

Attendees of the event will each receive a Breaducation goodie bag including a portion of the mother sourdough starter which dates back over 30 years, as well as recipe cards to try at home.

There will also be a hamper prize, including a bespoke, handcrafted Bells breadboard, a range of Bells sourdough breads and food and wine accompaniments for one lucky winner.

Bells hope that the event will be an opportunity for more customers to sample and learn how versatile sourdough breads are and how they can be used through-out the week and for exciting meal variations.

Additionally, they aim to inspire bread enthusiasts who are keen to learn more about the process from sour to shelf.

Michael Bell, second generation family business owner and managing director at Bells of Lazonby said: “We are excited to host such a fascinating evening of ‘Breaducation’ to give our customers a window into our world of making and baking sourdough the proper way.

“There is such a diverse range of incredible produce made here in Cumbria and events such as these present a wonderful opportunity to celebrate these foods and tell the story behind the product and the producer.”

The event will be held on 14th June 7-9pm in Booths Penrith Café. If you are interested in attending this event, you can pick up your tickets instore at Booths Penrith. Tickets are £6 each and limited.  Proceeds from the evening will go to Booths Penrith sponsored Charity – The Salvation Army.