Pension consolidation – the arguments for and against

Modern life can be complicated. We 'suffer' from an overflowing abundance of all kinds of things. And it's not just about a cupboard full of 3-for-2 vitamins or mismatched socks. We're talking about something much more important – pensions. The job-for-life concept...

Sue’s Family Business Column – In Cumbria Magazine

If you've not already got a copy of January's In-Cumbria Magazine, don't despair. We have Sue's 'Family Business' column right here. In her new, fuller column, Sue will be sharing her insight and advice for family run businesses.  In her first January Issue "Family...

Beware the retirement planning pitfalls

We recently published an insightful blog on the golden rules of retirement planning from Family Business Network partner, Seven Investment Management. This follow-up blog explores the three pitfalls in retirement planning and proves an interesting read, particularly...

Do you know what the golden rules for a better retirement are?

SEVEN Investment Management ( a trusted partner of our Network) offer their thoughts and insight on the best ways to approach the financial aspects of retirement in this blog: Rule 1 Let’s get the obvious one out of the way here: make sure you save enough. Actually,...

Sue’s Year in Review 2018

Before I move onto my traditional overview of the year, I wanted to give a personal note of thanks for all your support. I am proud to be your family business ambassador and proud to champion you, your business and your future generations. Thank you for allowing me to...

December Family Business Column for In Cumbria Magazine

Wow what a month for family businesses, I’m almost unsure of where to start! Firstly a huge congratulations to Maria & Mark Whitehead of Hawkshead Relish for their Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent In-Cumbria Awards. What an inspiration for the whole “embellish...

The Value of Peer to Peer Learning

Peer to peer learning essentially refers to a method of learning without any implied authority to any individual. For us, here at The Family Business Network its right at the heart of what we do and why the network exists. The network enables the family businesses to...

Cartmel Peninsula Continues To Boast Big Business Success

says David Hamer of Cark-in-Cartmel based, digital marketing company Make us Visible. "The Cartmel peninsula is largely thought of as something of a ‘small, quiet, picturesque, and rural area ’ and this would not be far wrong. However, our local businesses are far...

Farming Partnerships – please, please put it in writing!

is the advice given by Jonathan Carroll, Head of Agriculture at top legal firm, Cartmell Shepherd. Yet again a farming family dispute has led to huge legal costs, when a decent partnership agreement would have prevented it for a tiny fraction of the sums lost. The...


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