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Insight Events

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Armstrong Watson in partnership with The Family Business Network, are hosting a trilogy of informative and inclusive family business focus group meetings, which will delve into the inner workings of today’s family businesses.

Each meeting will focus on a different area relevant to running a successful family business, explained in brief detail below. These will be then discussed in an open peer to peer format, facilitated by Jacqui Jackson of Thomas Jardine & Co.

Each family business will be invited to share their experiences with their peers whilst creating an open forum.  A thought provoking session in which every attendee leaves with new ideas and a real awareness of how to improve their own family business.

Part III: Planning to let go

Join us on 20th March 2018

How do you plan to let go? Can you let go? Everything you should consider including time considerations, succession, sale and retirement funding to ensure when the time comes to let go, everyone is prepared.



Junction 36 Rural Auction Centre

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Sue Howorth
07866 536 050

Protecting the Family Wealth

Lamont Pridmore in association with The Family Business Network Ltd

Friday 23rd March – 9.30 am for 10 am start, finishing with lunch at 12.30 pm at The North Lakes Hotel, Penrith.


Who should attend this session?

Senior family business members
Next generation family members
– those who are already actively involved in the family business and those who are still considering whether to join

This session will highlight some of the important, but often difficult, conversations family businesses should be having about their financial security and wealth protection.

Identifying and recording what’s important to you, the family business and other family members in terms of your wealth goals is vital. Only by discussing these expectations, can you then develop a strategy to ensure these goals are achievable and ensure the business can deliver the desired lifestyle for all involved.

These issues become particularly important when planning any succession in the family business. It is essential for family members to discuss their expectations in terms of current or future remuneration, dividend payments and pension planning. You must also assess whether the ongoing business can fund the required lifestyles of any family members joining the family business.

You may also need to consider how to secure the overall financial future of the business and ensure that non-family members and employees are protected. Ultimately, all family businesses would like to ensure continuing success and profitability for future generations.

Graham and Chris Lamont will guide you through the key stages of developing your family Life Wealth Plan and help you tackle some of the, sometimes challenging, conversations about business profitability, family wealth and investments and estate planning. They will also discuss the importance of creating tax efficient profit extraction strategies for the business.

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07866 536050

The Family Business Network Ltd

Pattinson House
Beresford Road
LA23 2JG

The Family Business Network Ltd

4 Bramleys Barn
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